I particularly appreciate: the wonderful homecare staff with their unfailing competencies and courtesy (I couldn’t manage without them); the opportunity weekly to attend chapel right here; the dining room services when I need them; and the good manners of the staff at all levels, which is unbelievably constant! Though, like any Manor resident I am always as independent as possible, it is good to know that should a health crisis occur, there is good, very competent experienced help to call on for immediate assistance.

- Canterbury Resident

Life at Canterbury: Season to Season

Canterbury residents helped plant our flower beds in the spring and enjoyed our beautiful outdoor spaces all summer long. A gardener’s luncheon was held to thank the 30 resident gardeners for all their hard work.


This fall we enjoyed celebrating Grandparents Day and many other social activities.


Residents enjoyed Halloween by carving pumpkins, donating candy and helped the grade 4 class Parkview school put together about 500 bags of candy for the trick or treaters that visited Canterbury from the Laurier Heights school across the street.


Residents also honoured and remembered those who fought for our country and freedom during our Remembrance Day service on November 8th.