This article is dedicated to the memory of Mrs. Beulah Marples who passed away on February 20, 2020. Our most heartfelt condolences go out to her family. We are deeply saddened by the loss of such an incredible woman, she will be truly missed.

90-year-old Beulah Marples sits patiently on a padded white wicker seat by the front desk of the Canterbury Beauty Salon, eager to enjoy her weekly visit for a little bit of pampering and good conversation. 

 “It’s just fantastic and my favourite part is seeing Hilary,” says Beulah. “She does such a good job with my hair and she’s such a good and nice person, with lots of personality and it makes you feel good to sit in her chair.”

 Beauty Salon Supervisor, Hilary Lindenbach, comes over to greet Beulah and take her over to the sink to have her hair washed. Hilary gently leans Beulah back to massage her head under the warm water. 

 “I took hairdressing out of highschool and have been doing hair for 40 plus years, I wouldn’t say I know it all but I feel like I have learned a lot over the years.” “You don’t look a day over twenty,” replies Beulah. “That’s why you’re my favourite Beulah,” says Hilary smiling. 

A retired RN with nearly 50 years behind her helping others recover and get well, Beulah enjoys having those same kindnesses now shared with her since she’s moved into Canterbury. 

 “They really provide you with a lot of support and help where you need it,” says Beulah. Along with her husband, Beulah lived in Edmonton’s Westmount neighbourhood in a home they built together when Westmount mall was still being constructed. Nine years ago, after her husband’s passing, she moved to Canterbury where she enjoys visits from her three children and eight grandchildren. 

 Beulah beams as she shows off her french gel manicure that she had done recently at the salon,“It feels to me like we can almost do them again,” Hilary comments. “Yes,” Beulah replies “They grow so fast.” “Well that’s a good sign, it means you’re healthy!” Hilary adds.

 The Beauty Salon offers all of the traditional services of a regular salon whether you’re looking for a cut, colour, perm or setting. They also offer facial waxing and nail care for the hands. The salon is not only open to Canterbury residents but to members of the community as well. 


“We do have clients who come from the neighbourhood, it’s a great way to introduce them to Canterbury if they’re thinking about moving here in the future,” says Hilary. “We understand their needs, we have the right equipment to assist them and we have proper training for things like helping someone in and out of a wheelchair.”

 Hilary has worked at the salon for more than 12 years and has managed the place for over four years. She takes joy in building relationships with the residents. 

 “It really comes down to the people, I like the people I work with and I like the people I work for and you really do form friendships,” says Hilary. 

 “I’ve been seeing Beulah for the last 7 years at least, and they really do mean a lot. You mourn if they pass away you see them live through changing family situations, you cry with them when they cry and sometimes we just hang out and do nothing, don’t we Beulah?” 

 “That’s right,” Beulah replies.

 No matter your age, self-care is key, but there are certain factors that make it particularly important as you age. 

 “There’s a lot of things you lose as you get older. You lose your job, your independence, but you can still look good and feel good,” says Hilary. “To have your hair done gives you that boost and helps you feel a bit better especially if you’ve had a tough week, you can come and we’re here for you to help make you feel better by the time you leave.” 

 With the sweet smells of shampoo and hair product in the air, Beulah is brought back to her childhood while Hilary drys and curls her locks. 

 “I had really long hair when I was growing up, and I used to wear it in a ponytail,” remarks Beulah. Memory recall is an important part of the beauty routine and one that only gets more impactful when a resident develops dementia. It’s an area of care Hilary feels very supported in and is happy to be a part of. 

 “We consider care on a case by case basis, depending on their mental and physical needs,” says Hilary. “And we get a lot of training and support from Canterbury when it comes to dementia care.”

 “We are all compassionate people and we all care, and I think the residents feel that and know that,” says Hilary. “We do,” replies Beulah. 

 Once her hair is styled Hilary helps Beulah out of the salon chair, and as they pass the front desk, Hilary bends down to fix Beulah’s twisted pant leg. “Same time, same place?” asks Hilary. “Same time, same place,” Beulah replies. 

The Beauty Salon is located inside Canterbury Court at 8403 - 142 Street. To book an appointment call (780) 444-0483.