• We would like to thank everyone for their patience during the ongoing construction onsite.  Although the progress feels slow at times, Stuart Olson is working so hard to make our renovation and expansion beautiful! The first 27 residents moved into the renovated tower of the Court the week of December 1st.  We’re now planning the opening of the dining room, Cherub’s Court Café, the Chapel and administration offices.  Deficiency walkthroughs of these spaces are taking place December 18, and depending on the deficiencies, Canterbury will get the return of these spaces between December 21-23.
  • Demolition and renovation of what will be the first wing of the new dementia wing and upper Court suites on the east side of the building has been started.  You will also notice that the dementia gated garden foundation work has started on the north east corner of the site.
  • Due to furniture delays, residents will continue dining in the Atrium until January 4 and will be able to dine in the new dining room beginning January 5.  Once the Atrium is turned over, it will be outfitted with all new furniture, and the Chapel should see its new chairs by the end of January.
  • Work on the Manor eyebrow will begin on December 21.

New Staff

  • Canterbury will have a new temporary Spiritual Care Chaplain in the New Year. Her name is Rev. Kathy Bowman, a retired Anglican Priest, most recently serving at St. Patrick’s.  Kathy will serve at Canterbury January 4 - March 31 and can be reached at [email protected] or 780-691-7843. Joanne, our current Spiritual Care Chaplain will be away doing some isolation so she can meet her new grandchild expected in mid-January, and so she can support her family for a few months.  She is looking to returning in April and promises not to bore everyone with too many baby pictures!
  • In December Canterbury welcomed a new Business Development and Licensing Manager, Sacha Cooper ([email protected]) and a new Client Services Ambassador.  Sacha will be working on licensing and will be working with prospective residents as well as current residents and their families. The new Client Services Ambassador will be the smiling face for health screening those entering Canterbury through the Court.

COVID Updates

  • Bible study and worship services are currently on hold to allow for more one on one visitations.
  • Life Enrichment programming and Christmas activities will continue as planned.
  • The Beauty Salon will be reducing their services to meet the new COVID guidelines. They will be ONLY be offering shampoos and drying thereafter. Other services have been suspended until further notice.
  • Visitors are still allowed as per the CMOH orders but are restricted to the 2 designated visitors only. We have however, reduced the number of visits per day during this time.
  • Residents cannot leave the facility to take part in any in-person holiday celebrations with family/friends while these public health restrictions remain in place
  • We are reminding all residents to please wear masks at all times while in the common areas where they will encounter other residents and staff members. Let’s keep each other safe!
  • We are encouraging residents that only essential outings should occur during this time, similar to last spring.
  • 3,900 doses of the approved COVID vaccine arrived in Alberta this week followed by an additional 25,350 doses next week. Health officials have said this vaccine will be administered to doctors and frontline health care workers in acute care and long-term care first, we are still waiting for information as to when Canterbury staff and residents will be able to get vaccinated.