Stuart Olson began as the construction manager on Canterbury’s modernization project in 2016, but the project has turned into more than just an expansion for Canterbury. Both organizations have built a relationship and laid the foundation for something far more special. 

Currently, Stuart Olson is completing work on the new five-storey addition and renovation of Canterbury’s existing facility. Since the project began, Stuart Olson and their Northern Alberta Branch Director, Grant Rae, have gone above and beyond to support Canterbury in its efforts to change the face of senior care in Canada. 

 Rendering of the New Five Story Addition at Canterbury

 Rendering of the New Five Story Addition at Canterbury

“I think when you factor in everything from the architecture of the building to Canterbury’s vision for the future, this development really provides a space for every stage of life,” says Grant Rae. “I think it’s really important for all seniors, and when it’s all done, it will be a great place to visit and to call home.”

Updates to the Canterbury Court Atrium and Main Entrance will welcome in guests. 

 The brand new building will include: 

  • An expanded dementia care program increasing the current 20 suites to 53 much needed spaces, with design input from researchers out of the U of A
  • Edmonton’s only residential hospice with 16 beds for end-of-life care
  • Redeveloped common areas to facilitate Canterbury’s community outreach program offering support to caregivers and seniors in the community through day programming. 

It’s a result that’s becoming a reality thanks to the team at Start Olson and their dedication since day one. 

 “At the beginning of the project Grant facilitated a partnering session where our team, Stuart Olson and the consultants met to plan and set the strategy and values for the project,” says, Wendy King, Executive Director at Canterbury.  “The comfort and safety of the residents has always been top of mind for Grant and his team.”

Northern Alberta Branch Director Grant Rae at Stuart Olson’s Edmonton Headquarters 

“We’re going in and disrupting their home today as they know it so for us it’s so important to keep that communication going and up to date with not just staff but residents as well,” says Grant. 

Drone shot looking down onto progress of the five story addition at Canterbury

It’s a cause close to Grant and the Stuart Olson team who are not only bringing the new building and concept to life, but they’ve also come on to support Canterbury’s Promise of Home Gala as title sponsor.

“I had a grandmother with dementia so it touches close to my heart all the time,” says Grant. “When we can be a part of the bigger picture, not just the build, for us it’s about giving back to the community that we live in and work in everyday.”



The Stuart Olson team has become part of the Canterbury family over the years, participating at Christmas to hand out gifts to residents, and even welcoming us into their homes. Canterbury Executive Chef Ajay Lala recently catered a very special dinner for Grant that he took home as a gala silent auction prize. 

“It was fun because I love to cook so we were able to watch and learn new tricks from someone who does it day in and day out,” says Grant. “There was so much food we were still full three days later!”


Stuart Olson’s Grant Rae (left) with Canterbury Executive Chef Ajay Lala (right).

“Grant and his team have been very good to work with and have worked through problems and challenges with us to ensure a cost effective solution,” says Wendy. “In addition, Stuart Olson has agreed to help us fundraise for the hospice rooftop garden and Grant is always very supportive of all our events. Canterbury is so lucky to have him as our building partner and our friend.”

Stuart Olson’s Grant Rae (left) with Canterbury Executive Director Wendy King(right) at the 2019 Promise of Home Gala.

“I think for us it’s gone beyond the contractual agreement between Canterbury and Stuart Olson,” says Grant. “Friendships have evolved out of it and we’ve made that connection and that’s the fun part about it that it’s not just a handshake when you walk in, it’s a hug.”

Canterbury would like to extend a most heart-felt thank-you to Grant and Stuart Olson for their continued dedication to the Modernization and Expansion of our building. To find out more about the Stuart Olson and their unique approach to construction solutions visit:

To support the Canterbury Modernization and Redevelopment Project click here.