Betty and Davis Farquharson are about to be the newest residents of Canterbury Manor, and they can’t wait to be active again playing bridge at Canterbury with all their friends!

When they saw a perfect storm of activity – a booming real estate market, hot and beautiful weather, and a reduction in COVID-19 isolation restrictions, they jumped at the chance to make the move into Canterbury.

Betty and Davis Farquharson

Betty and Davis Farqueson have lived in their home in Laurier Heights for the past 60 years. Betty, now age 83, says she can’t wait to move.

“We are anxious to move. Now is the time! We wanted to move before the next winter hit. Our home in Laurier Heights is a bungalow, next to a playground and the school is behind us, so our home and location is in high demand right now.  And we were right. It sold in just one day on the market!”

Real Estate agent, Kerri-lyn Holland, of Holland and Associates works a lot in the mature West Edmonton communities of Laurier Heights, Glenora, Crestwood and Parkview. She says the real estate market hasn’t been this active since 2016.

Kerri-lyn Holland, Real Estate agent, Holland and Associates with RE/MAX Rivercity

“It’s one of the hottest real estate sales times - happening now!  2020 and 2021 has been incredibly busy in real estate - people can’t travel and are spending more money on their homes either renovating or buying another home.  Mortgage rates are still historically low and fueling the market as well!

Holland says the mature communities, like Laurier Heights, are definitely an area where many prospective buyers are searching for a home.

"West Edmonton communities like Crestwood, Parkview, Glenora and Laurier are highly desirable areas and we’re seeing more people sell their homes further out and move into the mature communities for the river valley access, top rated schools, closer to cafes, restaurants and sports activities,” says Holland.

In Laurier Heights alone, Holland says 31 homes have sold so far this year in the range of $400,000 up to $3,895,000. She says 14 houses are available right now but there is definitely a shortage compared to the demand in this mature community.

"If you’re thinking of selling, now is the time,” says Holland. “There is a shortage of homes on the market in mature communities - very high demand and low supply!”

Betty and Davis Farquharson also say now that all the residents in Canterbury have been fully vaccinated and restrictions have been loosened in licensed supporting living centres like Canterbury, they will actually be able to visit their family more than if they stayed in their own home, where home visits are still prohibited. They can’t wait to have more social interactions with friends they already have at Canterbury.

“We are most looking forward to the social aspect of Canterbury. We’ve always had a very busy social life – but obviously not with COVID. We’ve been doing visits through zoom and on the phone. We just go for groceries. Our 3 kids here in Edmonton – we have just visited outside while distant, so the timing is working so that we don’t have to self-isolate coming into Canterbury now and we’ll have more visitation with friends and family than if we were in our own home. We’re looking forward to being able to once again play bridge with our friends at Canterbury.”

The need for socialization is very much something that Canterbury Foundation’s Licensing Manager, Sacha Cooper, is hearing from numerous families calling to inquire about making the move into Canterbury.

Sacha Cooper, Business and Licensing Manager, Canterbury Foundation


“This has been a hard last year for many seniors in our community,” says Cooper. “They’ve been isolating alone without as much support from family due to COVID restrictions. But this is why Canterbury is here. We want our residents to find more freedom, more fun and more life! Our life enrichment team works hard to build programming that gives them activities they love to do. We support our residents in building strong lasting friendships here. They can go down and eat with friends in our Café or dining room, they can play bridge together, they can join a workout group, and they can get outside and garden together. There is so much for them to do here, often more than they were doing alone at home. This is what brings people to Canterbury – ease of life and quality time with friends and family - staying active.”

For Betty and Davis Farquharson all the stars aligned to help them make this new move easy. The only thing they’re having trouble with is saying good-bye to Davis’ beautiful and rare roses he’s been tending to in their yard for decades. 

“We didn’t want to do the yard work or the housework, and stairs are becoming an issue. We wanted to move while we were still able to make our own decisions,” says Betty. “Working with the Canterbury staff has been excellent – no problems at all. We hope to stay there as long as we are able. It’s hopefully our last move and now with the new programs Canterbury has planned and the future hospice, hopefully this will be our last move. We have everything we’ll need there. We are excited to be moving.”


Canterbury Foundation is a licensed supportive living seniors residence in Laurier Heights. It offers independent and supportive living as well as memory care support and a future hospice.

If you are interested in calling Canterbury Foundation home please contact Sacha Cooper, Business Development and Licensing Manager at Canterbury Foundation at 780.930.3729 or via email at [email protected]