Canterbury Foundation’s staff and residents breathed a collective sigh of relief at the beginning of April, as all of its residents received their second vaccination against COVID-19. Canterbury’s 180 staff have been vigilant in the protection of Canterbury’s 211 seniors. 

Staff have spent the year cleaning, sanitizing, masking, donning and doffing PPE and staying distant in both their professional and personal lives, as they fight this deadly virus. 

We are proud to say, not a single resident contracted COVID-19 within the walls of Canterbury. 

Our staff have been a fierce line of defence against COVID and have done so while trying to lift the spirits of Canterbury’s residents and keep them connected to their families in every way possible. 

So today, on National SuperHero Day, April 28th, we thought we’d take off our PPE and show our true superhero identities to celebrate the enormous work and dedication of our staff at Canterbury. From Health Services, to Life Enrichment, Dietary, Maintenance and Housekeeping the entire staff have pulled together since March of 2020 to defeat an enemy no one could see coming.   

We are so proud of our team, they truly are the mightiest of heroes! 


Thank you to our Avengers Team for participating in our National SuperHero Day!