Canterbury Foundation is excited to announce the launch of a new program facilitating video calls between residents and their loved ones.
During this time while visits are restricted, we know how important it is to remain connected to our family members for support, helping to boost spirits and reduce the risk of isolation.

"It is vital for residents to feel like they are not forgotten and I think it’s important for them to have conversations over the phone with their loved ones but I think it makes even more of an impact when they can see the face of their family members," says Mbalia Kamara, Resident Experience Manager at Canterbury Foundation.

At this time we would like to offer this opportunity to residents who do not have their own devices or a means to make phone calls with their loved ones.

  • Facetime calls will be booked in 15 minute intervals
  • Our life enrichment teams will set up an Ipad in a quiet area (e.g. resident suite or common area) to facilitate these video chats
  • The chats will be offered during the day Monday to Saturday with some evening calls taking place Mondays and Wednesdays
  • If a resident already has a device they can use to connect with family we are also happy to assist them in making a video call with their own device

To book your video chat please call the Life Enrichment Department at (780) 930-3736.