July 28 Update

We have a small update with respect to the ongoing investigations into the site wide power failure.

One of the questions that needed to be answered was whether the equipment could be repaired or if it must be replaced. We have learned that the EPCOR internal transformer and our main distribution panel will have to be replaced. An engineer is dedicated to investigating how we will replace these systems and whether we will be able to utilize a temporary power source while we wait for the replacement parts. As soon as he finalizes the scope of the replacement, we will be able to order the equipment and receive a timeline.

A forensic engineer has also been engaged who is reviewing the incident to determine the cause, which is critical to ensuring that there will not be similar risks to any solution we implement
going forward. This report is expected in the coming days.

We understand that this is not an ideal situation for our residents and staff, who continue to experience partial outages while on generator power. We are working to resolve the situation and looking into whether there are other possible ways to reduce the generator noise. We will continue to provide updates as more information is available.

July 7 Update

On June 29, at approximately 6:30 A.M., there was a total power failure at the Canterbury site. All three buildings lost all electrical supply. Staff at Canterbury were thorough and quick-witted, with our Health Services team immediately starting health and wellness checks, and the Canterbury kitchens jumping into action by preparing to feed the entire site instead of half – with no electricity. Investigation through this first day gave us some hope that main power could be restored. Unfortunately, the attempted reenergization failed and it was then understood that this would be a longer-term outage. Generators were brought in for all buildings with the Court and Heights generator, and all systems, on-line and functioning late that evening. The Manor, however, was unable to be reenergized due to the method used to connect the building to main power, as well as no available generator with capacity, anywhere in Edmonton.

Manor residents were then presented with the options of temporarily relocating to:
• an available suite within the Court or Heights;
• the Matrix Hotel, or a hotel of their choice;
• the home of family or loved ones

A total of 68 residents decided to relocate. The remaining Manor residents were determined to stay on site in their suites, managing the temperatures with cool water, ice, compresses and health checks, day and night, until the generators were powering the building and all systems. As of July 5th, all residents have returned to the Manor and are settled comfortably back into their suites. The investigation into the incident continues. The City of Edmonton was required to determine whether our main panel can be fixed or if it must be replaced. The City has hired a second party to review their findings to ensure the proper path forward is authorized. We are awaiting this report. We have brought in a forensic engineer who will be determining the root cause of the incident to ensure that we are not at risk for this type of event in the future. Finally, since generator power is not as stable as utility power, we are reviewing the current situation to mitigate any risk and to see if an option exists to bring us back to utility power on a temporary basis. As new information becomes available, we will continue to keep all stakeholders informed.

Our sincerest and most heartfelt thank you to residents, families, staff and neighbours for their patience and tenacity during this emergency.

July 5 Update

Power throughout all of Canterbury is stable and restored via several generators that are being monitored continually, throughout the day and night. Residents have returned and are settled back into their suites, and all meals will continue to be provided until suite fridges have been restocked. We continue to monitor suite temperatures and have asked that our Manor residents report any temperature variances that they notice.

The ongoing investigation of the root cause of the power outage continues, and we will keep you updated each time new information becomes available.

We thank you again for your patience. If you have any questions, please call 780.930.5580

July 2 Update 2

We are pleased to advise that the power to the Manor was restored, via generator, at approximately 3:00 PM
this afternoon. The air conditioning is recalibrating and will be back on-line at approximately 9:00 AM tomorrow morning. However, air handling units are circulating fresh air, and with the external temperature dropping this evening, suites should be comfortable by morning. With power successfully restored, the Operations team will now shift their focus to investigating the root cause of the incident. Fridges are powered, cleaned, and will be cool by early morning and details in regards to grocery replacement will be forthcoming. All meals will be provided until fridges are restocked.

In order to avoid congestion of lobby and elevators, we are requesting that family and residents stagger their return, where possible, according to the following system:

Saturday, July 3rd, 2021
• Odd-numbered suites between the hours of 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM;
• Even-numbered suites between the hours of 3:00 PM and 6:00 PM;
• Canterbury leadership will be present during these hours to provide assistance and answer any questions

If you choose not to return on Saturday, please advise us of your anticipated return date and time. If you receive Home Care or medication assistance, please ensure that you have made us aware of your return, to assure that services continue as scheduled.

At Canterbury, our vision is to be a leader in enhancing the role and place of seniors in society. Your resilience and positivity has demonstrated to us that our seniors are the true embodiment of that vision.

We thank you for your ever-present support. If you have any questions, please call 780.930.5580 after 9:00 AM tomorrow morning.

July 2 Update

Between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM, generators will be started and tested in the Manor. It is very important to note that while power may be restored and suite temperatures cool, that this testing may require power to come on and off again, causing suite temperatures to once again rise. We expect that power will be stabilized in the Manor between 3:00 and 4:00 PM, this afternoon, and if all goes as expected, and suite temperatures are cool and comfortable, we can begin to facilitate the return of residents currently in the Court and Heights, today, and those staying in hotel or with family Saturday and Sunday. Please be advised that we will contact you to arrange your return to your Manor suite.

We continue to clear out fridges and will be providing meals to Manor residents until we are able to restock groceries.

We thank you again for your patience. If you have any questions, please call:

June 30 Update 2

By Friday, July 2nd at 4:00 PM, we anticipate having a date and time for when power will be restored in the Manor. At that time, we will also provide details on moving Manor residents back to their homes. In the meantime, please be advised that we continue to check in regularly on all residents, and room temperatures, particularly in the Manor.
We are also continuing to facilitate relocations of Manor residents to the Matrix hotel, available suites in the Court and Heights, and to the homes of loved ones, and are doing our best to return all calls as quickly as possible.

An external team will be arriving at 8:30 AM tomorrow to clear out all Manor fridges, and a representative of Canterbury will be present for all removals. If you would like to take anything from the fridge, you are welcome to come in and do so.

We thank you again for your patience. If you have any questions, please call 780.930.5580

June 30 Update 1

As of late yesterday evening, power has been restored to both the Court and Heights, via generator. This is an interim solution while we continue to determine main power, as all systems within the Court and Heights are working. Investigations are still ongoing as to the best solution to restore power in the Manor. As soon as we have an update on power status in the Manor, we will advise. In the meantime, it is recommended that residents of the Manor make arrangements to temporarily relocate. Options for relocation include: available suites in either the Heights or the Court, staying at the home of a loved one, or a suite at the Matrix Hotel. Please get in touch as soon as possible to advise us of where you wish to relocate to, or if you have any questions, by calling us at: 780.930.5580

We thank you again for your patience.

June 29 Update 3

Our specialists have advised us that they will be able to connect generator power to the Heights and the Court by 10:00 PM this evening. We will not be able to connect power to the Manor until more investigation is done, as to the root cause of the problem. We are currently meeting with residents in the Manor and going door to door to determine which of our residents
require relocation. Options for relocation include vacant suites in the Court or Heights, or, at a nearby hotel. We will have cots, bed and bath linens available for relocated residents. Should Manor resident families be able to accommodate their loved ones in their home, that is an option as well. As we confirm more information, we will advise.

Thank you for your patience. If you have any questions, please contact us at:

June 29 Update 2

The anticipated power-up was unsuccessful. The investigation continues. At this time we are arranging to bring generators on-site. We will update you within the next two hours. We are keeping a close eye on residents and ensuring that they remain hydrated, fed, and comfortable. We have ordered food and residents in all three buildings will be provided with warm food, beverages and comfort in time for supper.

Thank you for your patience. If you have any questions, please contact us at:

June 29 Update 1

A thorough investigation has been conducted to determine the cause of the power failure, and the source was discovered to be two faulty breaker switches. The breakers are currently being repaired and power is anticipated to be restored to the entire site within the next few hours. At this time, resident suites remain at a cool temperature, and we are continuing to provide comfort care and food/water to residents. The need for temporary power and/or building evacuation are no longer anticipated, however, should any residents wish to go to their family, this can still be arranged. Please let Nursing know, by calling: 780.930.5580

June 29 Power Outage

At approximately 6:30 a.m., there was a total power failure on the entire Canterbury site. There was some arcing and smoke in our main electrical room. Fire alarm activated and fire department arrived. The immediate emergency was resolved but the incident has left all three buildings without power. This affects our cooling systems, as well. We are investigating the cause for the damage and the duration of the outage. At this time, comfort care and food / water is being provided and we are making arrangements for temporary power to re-energize the building or evacuation if required. All families and residents are being notified in person or by telephone and will be updated as we have more information. If residents are wishing to go to their family right away, this can be arranged, please let Reception know.

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