COVID-19 General Information

COVID-19 is still present in our world. We are keeping a close watch as the situation changes, and sometimes decisions regarding our COVID response are made quickly and we thank you for your patience and for doing your part in helping keep our residents safe!

CONTINUOUS MASKING: All staff, volunteers, and visitors are required to wear masks while on Canterbury property at all times. We provide masks to all visitors upon entry to Canterbury.

RAPID TESTING: Given the high rate of transmission of the COVID-19 virus, all staff, volunteers and visitors are required to have a negative rapid antigen test prior to entering Canterbury.  We provide rapid tests for on site testing.

SCREENING QUESTIONNAIRE: Upon or before entry to Canterbury, you are required to complete the COVID-19 screening form. This form can be filled out up to 2 hours before you come on site. The form can be completed HERE

COVID-19 Updates

  • May 17, 2022: Canterbury Leadership Tea, has released updated restriction guidelines
  • February 18, 2022: Canterbury Leadership Team has released updated restriction guidelines
  • October 1, 2021: Canterbury Leadership Team has released new restriction guidelines
  • July 28, 2021: Canterbury Leadership Team has released the Phase 3 Relaunch Strategy
  • May 12, 2021: Canterbury Leadership Team has released new visitation guidelines
  • May 10, 2021: Canterbury Leadership Team is in the process of getting the new visitation guidelines out to residents and families, please stay tuned for this information coming shortly.
  • We know there have been lots of questions about the vaccine roll-out, and about the differentiation of senior care streams in the province.  Please find an FAQ here that should answer some of those questions.
  • Wendy King, Chief Executive Officer of Canterbury and Dawn Harsch, Owner/Operator of ExquisiCare Senior Living spoke to 630 CHED on January 22 about Alberta seniors in private and not-for-profit continuing care homes being left out of the priority phases of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.  Listen here.
  • Wendy King, Chief Executive Officer of Canterbury and Dawn Harsch, Owner/Operator of ExquisiCare Senior Living spoke to Real Talk with Ryan Jespersen on January 26 about Alberta seniors in private and not-for-profit continuing care homes being left out of the priority phases of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.  Listen hereInterview begins at the 1:38:37 mark.
  • What Older Canadians Need To Know About The Covid-19 Vaccine: As we are doing our best to provide you with the most up-to-date information on COVID-19 vaccinations, please see attached the release of an updated version of COVID-19 Vaccines Guideline with a focus on older adults. For more information click here. 

COVID-19 at Canterbury - Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that any updates or changes to health and safety procedures provided by AHS or the Chief Medical Officer of Health are being followed here at Canterbury for all staff and residents.

Updated as of July 28 2021

Does Canterbury Foundation have any cases of COVID-19?

To date Canterbury has had three staff members test positive for COVID-19 that was community acquired and have since recovered. None of these occurrences resulted in transmitted cases of COVID-19 among other staff or residents. Additionally, one resident tested positive for COVID-19 while on 14 day isolation upon returning from hospital where they were exposed to COVID-19.

What current restrictions remain at Canterbury?

Canterbury continues to strictly adhere to all Chief Medical Officer of Health Orders and the recommendations of Alberta Health Services to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 within our facility.

To reduce transmission Canterbury has the following restrictions remaining in place:

  • Continuous masking for staff, students, volunteers and service providers
  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfection continue (twice daily in common areas only)
  • Health assessment screening upon entry for staff, students, services providers, volunteers, and visiting persons
  • Testing guidelines for residents and staff with symptoms or COVID exposure remain in place
  • Situation specific isolation/quarantine requirements remain in place
  • Outbreak procedures remain in place

Are there any restrictions for visitors remaining?

Effective July 30, 2021, new visitation guidelines are in place that align with preferences of our residents and in compliance with the Chief Medical Officer of Health’s orders. Please see those guidelines here.

What restrictions have been lifted for residents?

  • Residents will no longer require daily symptom screening and temperature checks.
  • Residents are no longer required to stop for screening upon returning to Canterbury UNLESS returning from an overnight visit, vacation or a hospital stay.
  • Canterbury Coach service has resumed trips to public places and businesses.
  • Family and prospective resident tours of Canterbury may resume with precautions.
  • Beauty salon opens for full services including facial waxing *it is recommended that residents be fully vaccinated to receive this service.
  • Indoor singing can resume if residents are masked.
  • The Chapel will still require masks but not require social distancing for worship services as this is a low-risk activity. Residents will need to wash their hands with alcohol-based hand sanitizer prior to entering the Chapel.
  • Communion will once again be offered, with safety measures in place.
  • Visiting clergy will begin to return to Canterbury to resume faith services. Please watch the calendar for details.
  • Vendors will begin to be permitted into Canterbury including optometry clinics, living sounds hearing aid clinics, and clothing/food vendors based on space and capacity restrictions.
  • Dining room capacity limits and distancing between tables are no longer required
  • Internal library re-opens.

How do you know if staff are safe and not carrying the virus?

Canterbury Foundation has implemented the same procedures for staff as it has for visitors and vendors. We have enforced staff precautions for all staff if they are not feeling well or have travelled outside Canada, to not come to work and self-isolate at home, as per the recommendations of Alberta Health Services. Canterbury Health Services is also screening all staff as they come on shift with a symptom assessment as well as a temperature check as per the Chief Medical Officer of Health directive. Finally, we continue to have strict mask wearing, hand washing and infection prevention and control policies in place and all staff have been trained in our longstanding outbreak policy and procedures. 

What is the plan if there is an outbreak in Canterbury?

Canterbury Foundation has an extensive outbreak prevention and management protocol which is aligned with the policies and procedures of Alberta Health Services. In brief, any resident presenting with COVID like symptoms is immediately placed on isolation and testing is completed for COVID-19. Any staff member feeling unwell, and/or who may have come into contact with a suspected, probable, or confirmed case of COVID-19, or who has recently been tested MUST disclose this information to their supervisor, isolate and be tested for COVID-19.  Any affected person will be immediately placed on isolation and in partnership with the Medical Officer of Health, we will conduct contact tracing and determine the level of isolation required should there be close contacts in Canterbury. The extent of isolation for residents will be aligned with the level of risk of transmission. We will deliver all meals to residents in their rooms without delivery charge if facility-wide isolation is required. We will monitor the situation closely and work with Alberta Health Services on a daily basis to manage the situation and prevent further spread.

What if I need to get supplies or groceries to my Canterbury loved-one?

Canterbury does offer a grocery delivery service through Andy’s IGA.  Residents who would like to receive grocery delivery can do so by calling Andy’s IGA 780-483-1525 to sign up. They will be asked to provide their name, location room number (e.g. Manor 112 or Court 212) and credit card information. The resident needs to provide their grocery list to the receptionist by end of the day each Monday. The receptionist will fax all orders on Tuesday and deliveries are made on Wednesday Mornings. Canterbury Staff will bring their orders to their suites (no need to come downstairs to pick it up).

Please ensure all packages and items being dropped off for delivery are placed on the cart located at the main entrances and clearly marked with the residents name and room number. Notify reception if immediate delivery is required for time-sensitive package such as hot/ frozen foods.

 If Canterbury closes the dining room will meals be received in resident rooms? Will there be a change for meals in rooms?

Should we reach the point of facility-wide isolation, meals will be delivered to residents in their rooms without delivery charges. Dining room service will be cancelled.

How long will this last?

Should we need to activate this level of precaution, it will need to remain in place for an extended period of time, likely a number of weeks. Our hope is by continuing to take aggressive measures, we can prevent the requirement for facility-wide isolation. However, we will enact appropriate outbreak precautions to maintain the health and safety of our residents as necessary.

If you have more questions or concerns please contact our COVID hotline at 780-930-5580.  You can also email [email protected]

We will continue to communicate through our newsletters and on social media. Thank you for your patience and for helping us protect our residents and the rest of Canada.