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Hey there, thanks for visiting your tutorial guide. If you’ve received the link to this page, it means that you’re on your way to getting a fantastic new website!

The purpose of this page is to help give you an idea of all of the different ways we can layout content on your site. We use a Panel Concept, and you’ll be able to view the various options below. 

Don’t worry; we will take care of ensuring your new site is both visually attractive and professional prior to launch. This area is just a hub to help you understand how your CMS works. If you have any questions or need a little direction feel free to reach out to your account manager, and they will be able to help walk you through the process!  

Panel 1: Standard Panel

Our Standard Panel is one of the most diverse panel options we have available. It can be used to create buttons or links, upload PDF’s and supporting documents or any other information you’d like to place here.

Button   PDF

The formatting options available here are also complex. We will upload all of the options so that it’s easy for you to use when you’re updating all of your own content. 

Header 6
Header 5

Header 4

Header 3

Header 2

Panel 2: Parallax Panel

This is a Parallax Panel!

This panel type is reserved for a short, eye-catching blurb of information. As you can see, the words stay in place while the image scrolls behind it. We recommend around 85 - 100 characters in this section, if possible. If you need assistance with a background image, feel free to reach out to your account manager, and they can help you choose one.

Another great addition is that the parallax panel allows for a button, which can be a URL link, a phone number or email. Keep this in mind as it’s excellent for helping with lead generation! 

Panel 3: Standard Panel With Tabs

The standard panel tab concept was created to help our users split up content while keeping the page visually enjoyable for visitors. 

  • You can place in bullet points
  • Attach photos and videos 
  • Create a table for information

The button tab names can be adjusted, so if you have a wide variety of services your company offers you can place it all on one page and users can easily browse through that information. 

They can be utilized in a multitude of ways and can also be customized to fit your brand!

As displayed below, embedding a picture or video is no problem at all and can be a powerful tool to help compliment your content. As with a standard panel adding in links, buttons, or directing the user to find out more information is all possible in this panel. 

Panel 4: Side by Side (Image)

A Short Subtitle Goes Here!

Here is an example of a Side by Side panel with an image on the right! 
They are a great tool that can be used to guide the users attention. 
You  can place information here and also pair it with a relevant picture to display your information.



Panel 4: Side by Side (Image)

Panel 5: Side by Side (Video)

A Short Subtitle Goes Here!

Here is another example of a Side by Side but this time with a video on the left hand side! 

You can envision a similar concept as above, but this time you can place a relevant YouTube or Vimeo video here to help users understand the point you are making. We always suggest embedding a YouTube video instead of linking to it to keep users engaged and on your site.

Panel 6: Promo Boxes

Here is an example of how promo boxes work. If you want to update the content, information, photo or links in your promo boxes, you’ll want to complete this in your Promo Box library located under your pages tab in the dashboard. 

We use a library for this as you may have tons of promo boxes on many different pages of the site. Instead of updating it one page at a time, you can update it in your library and it will change all the promo boxes on a site wide basis 

Independent Living

Canterbury Manor is a 127-suite independent living seniors’ apartment complex

Supportive Living

Canterbury Court is a 145-bachelor and double suite supportive living facility.

Memory Care

Canterbury Lane is a 20-bachelor suite secure and supportive setting for seniors with cognitive impairment.

Panel 9: Staff

Wendy King

Chief Executive Officer

Contact Info

Stephanie Powers

Director, Facilities & Operations

Contact Info

Panel 10: Reviews & Testimonials

I had the pleasure of being able to work alongside The staff at Canterbury Foundation this spring. Although the conditions that we met were less than favourable, it was an unbelievable pleasure to collaborate with an amazing staff.

I have personally never encountered such a dedicated staff that’s only priority was taking care of the residents that had been affected and inconvenienced. It was very refreshing to see how quick they reacted, assisted and relocated residents.

Not only is the facility beautiful, but they constantly keep all residents busy with activities that enrich their lives. I have never experienced a facility that cares for the residents as if they were family. If doesn’t matter if it is the consideration shown from management, the patience portrayed by maintenance or friendliness felt by the on floor staff, you could not go wrong with the Canterbury Foundation.

Michelle LyallSee All Reviews

Wendy King joined Canterbury Foundation as Executive Director in 2012 and is a CPA, CMA with over 35 years of accounting, business, managerial and governance experience. She has been serving seniors in the continuing care sector since 2001 through the development and operation of publicly funded and private not-for-profit seniors’ residences.

During her career, she has been responsible for leading the operations of affordable and market supportive living sites and providing strategic, operational and financial direction and support for continuing care programs including long term care, end of life, designated supportive living, adult day support and home care.

Wendy collaborates through engagement and governance in organizations and associations within the sector to advocate and bring about needed change and quality improvement to community social services; seniors care and housing.


Stephanie came to Canterbury Foundation in August of 2014 with a rich background in public relations, education, criminal justice and film production.  From teaching project and production management in post-secondary institutions to organizing trade fairs and start-up studios, Stephanie has brought her momentum and keen operational experience to the benefit of Canterbury programs.  Through her tenure at Canterbury she has led projects to improve technology and emergency response plus developed continuous improvement systems throughout operations.  Her current portfolio at Canterbury includes Culinary, Environmental Services and Facility Security, as well as the four year Construction and Renovation Project.

Herman is very proud to be part of the Canterbury Foundation Capital Campaign Cabinet.   He was born in Wynyard Sask, attended Notre Dame College (Father Athol Murray) in Wilcox Sask.  Herman played Junior Hockey with the Flin Flon Bombers (WHL) and then turned Pro with the Los Angles Kings (NHL). After a short career with hockey, he entered into his long career in the Sports Marketing Business.   Herman was Superintendent of Recreation Vermilion Alberta, Ass. General Manager/Marketing for the Saskatoon Blades (WHL). He took on the job of Marketing with the 144 Teams across the 10 Provinces with the Canadian Junior A Hockey League. Herman’s most recent project was to finance, plan, build and administrate the New (5 million dollar) Stock Car Race Track in Saskatoon for the Non-Profit Volunteer Group (SSCRA).

Herman has since retired and has moved to Edmonton to be closer to his two children, grandchildren, and family loved ones.   Herman is married to Gail (RN) and their son Craig is with the Edmonton City Police, and daughter Kimberly is with the Edmonton Public School. 

Professional Consulting Engineer, Vice President,

Stantec and Reid Crowther, 1976 – 2016 (Ret. 2016)

Rick Prentice is a Professional Civil Engineering Consultant with a B.Sc. from the University of Manitoba.  Over the course of his 45-year career he has worked at senior levels of corporate management, community leadership and industry relations, and delivered many notable projects for private and public-sector clients internationally and domestically. 

Rick has devoted considerable time and effort beyond the normal day-to-day project activities.  This includes for example, the consulting engineering industry while serving locally as Director and President of CEA, Nationally as Vice Chair of ACEC and Internationally as FIDIC Business Practice Committee Chair, as well as a number of APEGA committees, the Southwest Area Council of Community Leagues, Rotary International, Edmonton Capital Region Housing Corporation, Canterbury Foundation, Construction Research Institute of Canada, Urban Development Institute and North American Society for Trenchless Technology.

Projects include neighborhood infrastructure renewal such as the Edmonton downtown ICE District utilities upgrades, Shanghai Second Sewerage Project and the Shanghai Urban Environmental Project Master Plan Design Review and Advisory Services. Other international experience includes assignments with the Pahang State Drainage and Irrigation Department in Malaysia, wastewater management in Cyprus and China and solid waste management facilities in Barbados and China.