Every evening, you hear the news. The spotlight is on the inequities of senior care across the globe. COVID-19 uncovered the painful and disturbing truth about how some disregard the value of seniors in our society. When you see and hear about it, you wonder what you can do, that’s the kind of person you are.

My name is Pam, I am the Clinical Coordinator and an LPN at Canterbury. When I come to work, I see people smiling with their eyes. When I walk through that door, our receptionist says, “Hi, how are you, how’s your morning?" It’s energetic. What I see are people that are happy, residents that are happy.

I have always loved being around seniors, and I just love my job at Canterbury. Some days are hard, we aren’t doing the same things we did before. You and I are social beings, and right now we can’t interact. I can’t have people over to my house - I love to host - so some days it weighs on me but that doesn’t last. Like you, I approach work with positive energy because at the end of the day, I am grateful for a meaningful career and my spirits can be uplifted.

The time to reach out and support our residents is now, they need to continue to smile. You can see in their eyes, when the exhaustion of hearing the word Covid and continued isolation is weighing heavy – but I tell them to keep smiling, continue to be engaged, you are loved. I feel the same for you – keep smiling, continue to be engaged and give what you can to keep Canterbury smiling. I know you want to help.

Please consider making a donation to help Canterbury grow, connect and care.
For our residents,


Pamela Azenobar

PS. Your generous gift speaks volumes about how you value the place of seniors in this community. We are grateful for you.


Your support makes our gardens bloom!

Outside Activities are the safest for us all, and Canterbury is home to more than a few green thumbs.

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Socially connecting during activities continues to be of paramount importance for the psychosocial wellbeing of residents even within a virtual context.

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The most up-to-date diagnostic equipment can ensure residents receive prompt and responsive care.