Health and Wellness

I particularly appreciate: the wonderful homecare staff with their unfailing competencies and courtesy (I couldn’t manage without them); the opportunity weekly to attend chapel right here; the dining room services when I need them; and the good manners of the staff at all levels, which is unbelievably constant! Though, like any Manor resident I am always as independent as possible, it is good to know that should a health crisis occur, there is good, very competent experienced help to call on for immediate assistance.

- Canterbury Resident

Social Work

Social Work Program 

The community outreach program encompasses the services of a Social Worker on site, who aims to help residents maintain a high quality of life and encourages independence through emotional support, consultation, intervention, and advocacy.With this initiative, we ensure that a holistic approach to care is available to all residents, families, and other seniors in the community.

Our Social Worker helps you feel at home and offers assistance with a variety of personal matters such as:

  • Adjustment and coping with transition and lifestyle changes
  • Advocacy and family mediation
  • Receiving the highest quality of care while working with our multidisciplinary healthcare team, the community and families
  • Advising on available legal information on personal decision making
  • Consultation about Federal and Provincial programs and benefits for seniors

Click here to view Canterbury's Social Work video.