Wellness and Support Services

Life Enrichment Services

The promotion of holistic care is at the core of our Life Enrichment program. As such, all of our programs and services are centred on the 7 dimensions of wellness* -  Social, Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Occupational, and Spiritual and Environmental wellness.  Our enthusiastic and knowledgeable coordinators collaborate with residents to understand their needs, unique skills, and passions as part of the planning and implementation process for our programs.

Enhanced quality of life is experienced by residents through engagement in a wide variety of programs and activities.

Some of our program offerings include:

  • Physical Exercise Programs  and activities such as yoga, aerobics and strength training, bowling, walking groups  and many more
  • Intellectually stimulating discussion groups and games such as Trivia, Crosswords, Bookclubs, and inspirational literature
  • Social Events with weekly entertainment and happy hour
  • Resident led Music Programs, Community choirs
  • Meditation and Relaxation
  • Game nights, Movies and Documentary specials
  • Inter-generational programming, arts, and crafts
  • Daily shuttle services to shopping centers, historic sites,  city and country drives, and other excursions
  • Spiritual Care provided by local faith communities and  our spiritual care chaplain
  • Volunteer-led gardening groups, knitting groups, and resident councils

Companion Care Services

Companion Brochure 

Our professional caregivers aim to provide the specific care that residents and seniors in the community need to maintain independence and improve quality of life within the comfort of their homes. Our companions serve as an integral part of the interdisciplinary team and understand that caring goes beyond fulfilling the basic needs. They are passionate about working with people and provide the mental and emotional support needed within any of the companion care services provided. We offer two levels of compassionate companion care services: Health Care Aide Companion and a Non-Medical Care Companion.

Our non-medical Care Companions provide quality companionship and can assist with all of your non-health care related needs including but not limited to 

  • Meal planning and preparation to support nutritional health
  • Accompaniment to, and participation in fitness classes and walking outdoors to support an active lifestyle
  • Light housekeeping and laundry
  • Transportation accompaniment for shopping, appointments and social excursions
  • Crafting, reminiscing, engaging in hobbies, and playing games to promote mental and social stimulation

The Health Care Aide Companions can assist with:

  • Personal care needs
  • Medication administration
  • General companionship needs

Spiritual Care

The Spiritual Care Chaplain offers dedicated spiritual and emotional supports to all residents, which compliments the physical care they receive at Canterbury. In the common ground of journeying together, the Chaplain provides a listening presence and helps to nourish a sense of well-being and feelings of security, hope, and peace. Spiritual well-being impacts a person’s emotional and physical self.

Spiritual care is offered from the perspective that spirituality is not defined within the context of a specific religion and its doctrines, but instead as the awareness of a person’s place and purpose in the world as they have lived. Often, our senior years can be times that invite reflection of meaning and purpose in life, of joys and sorrows, and sometimes a desire for reconciling, for which our Spiritual Care Chaplain aims to provide the support required to navigate these circumstances.

As well as individual support, the Chaplain is involved in facilitating formal worship services in our chapel and in Canterbury Lane. There are a variety of Christian services of various denominations held regularly, as well as a Jewish Shabbat. There are also non-religious meditation and Bible studies offered for those who wish. Our Chaplain also visits residents who are in hospital for a time.

Social Work Program

The community outreach program encompasses the services of a Social Worker on-site, who aims to help residents maintain a high quality of life and encourages independence through emotional support, consultation, intervention, and advocacy. With this initiative, we ensure that a holistic approach to care is available to all residents, families, and other seniors in the community.

Our Social Worker helps you feel at home and offers assistance with a variety of personal matters such as:

  • Adjustment and coping with transition and lifestyle changes
  • Advocacy and family mediation
  • Receiving the highest quality of care while working with our multidisciplinary health care team, the community, and families
  • Advising on the available legal information on personal decision making
  • Consultation about Federal and Provincial programs and benefits for seniors

End of Life Services

Canterbury Foundation strives to provide high-quality care to our residents and their family members through their end of life journey with a focus on comfort, compassion, and quality. It is with this in mind, that it is a resident’s choice to pass away in their home of Canterbury and to be supported for all of their physical, psychosocial and spiritual needs. 

Activities Calendars

Activities Calendars