I had the pleasure of being able to work alongside The staff at Canterbury Foundation this spring. Although the conditions that we met were less than favourable, it was an unbelievable pleasure to collaborate with an amazing staff.

I have personally never encountered such a dedicated staff that’s only priority was taking care of the residents that had been affected and inconvenienced. It was very refreshing to see how quick they reacted, assisted and relocated residents.

Not only is the facility beautiful, but they constantly keep all residents busy with activities that enrich their lives. I have never experienced a facility that cares for the residents as if they were family. If doesn’t matter if it is the consideration shown from management, the patience portrayed by maintenance or friendliness felt by the on floor staff, you could not go wrong with the Canterbury Foundation.

Michelle Lyall

Incredible facility with a beautiful courtyard, professional and caring staff and a great activites program for residents.

Nicole Lauzon

Great place with great people.

Edmonton Citycabinets

Very caring staff.


Our mother, who is living with Alzheimer’s, has been thriving at Canterbury with excellent compassionate care and support. Once her illness progresses to the stage where additional, more specialized care is needed, it is a great comfort to know that she will be able to continue to age in place in familiar surroundings with skilled and caring staff.

D. Baker and Family

My father moved into the Lane when his dementia suddenly worsened 5 years ago. My mother, his spouse of 64 years passed away around the time of his move, and staff were very gentle, kind and caring for dad in his grief and loss.

He had always been independent, mobile and very active, and staff in the Lane embraced his energy needs, walking with him frequently around the corridors at Canterbury, and provided active pursuits tailored to his needs. Other activities that help him remain engaged and healthy include sorting and matching games, puzzles, and frequent concerts and entertainment. We are very grateful for the home and caring warm environment always provided at Canterbury!

McIntosh Family

Awesome place to be with. Staff are friendly and caring, management approachable. Highly recommended

Rose LS

Fantastic! The staff is always caring, they let you visit your parents, grandparents unless they get sick or you get sick but that is perfectly fine! I love that my grandparents live here.

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The staff were very polite and safe when I visited!

Shane Spurlock